Stair Railings

Stair Railings

Are your old stair railings making your home look worn out or possibly even unsafe? Stair railings are something we use every day and those hundreds of uses start to take their toll. Greasy fingerprints affect the look of the surface over time and consistent pushing and pulling as we grip them can start to loosen screws and compromise their safety.

With the expert service of Decor Railings, you don’t have to live with a potential safety risk or eyesore. Our team can help you choose the perfect stair railing for your home and have it installed quickly and efficiently.

When to Replace Your Stair Railings

If you’re unsure if replacing your stair railings is a home improvement you should make now, these are a few scenarios when you should consider it:

Unsafe Condition: This is the reason to really pay attention to; if your stair balusters, handrail or any other part is loose, wobbly, broken or otherwise not functioning correctly, it’s time to consider a replacement. A banister or rail with a slight wobble could come loose completely if gripped the wrong way so it’s best to have it replaced sooner rather than later. Additionally, one broken piece could compromise the safety of the whole system.

Visible Wear: While not always a safety concern, visible wear can bring down the look of your staircase and entire room. Many homeowners get used to an old stair railing then realize what a difference it makes once they replace it.

Change in Decor: When making a major change in decor, you may not even think of your staircase as part of the renovation. However, if you have a fully modern or contemporary style living room but your stair railings are still plain wood, you would notice a complete difference if you switched to stair railing glass or steel.

Updating Decor with Stair Railing Glass

While any change in stair railing can be a huge improvement in the look of your home, stair railing glass is especially adept at updating your decor. We have a wide range of stair railing glass with steel and other materials to create a variety of looks and styles.

Furthermore, stair railing glass from Decor Railings is specifically formulated from tempered glass to ensure safety and durability along with aesthetic appeal.

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