Metal Railings


Metal Railings

At Decor Railings, we carry both contemporary aluminum metal railings and traditional wrought iron railings. Both offer several advantages and unique designs exclusive to each type of metal.

What Exactly is Wrought Iron? The term wrought refers to the process of forging iron ore with small pieces of metallic iron. This process fell out of popularity in the late 1960’s due to costs and current wrought iron is now made of steel, which is just as durable and attractive.

Advantages of Wrought Iron Metal Railings

Wrought iron Metal railings can have a showstopper quality with their ability to be shaped into a variety of intricate patterns. Specifically, wrought iron metal railings have a reputation for conveying an elegant and romantic Victorian sensibility.

However, this is not the only look metal railings can have. With Decor Railings, you’ll have a wide range of choices for your metal railing including:

Clean Lines: Wrought iron doesn’t need to be ornate to be attractive and to up your home value. Decor Railings carries several beautiful in their simplicity style designs from unadorned wrought iron. This is the perfect option for a railing that is both sturdy but also elegant.

Classic Victorian: When most people think of wrought iron they think of the classic straight balusters topped with some kind of spiraling pattern and often spiked tops. Choosing this look can instantly give your home a feeling and look of refinement while upping the curb appeal.

Contemporary: Our contemporary designs have many intricate details like Victorian wrought iron but with a modern spin. Choose from a wide range of complex designs featuring graceful, curving wrought iron pieces and motifs.

Advantages of Aluminum Metal Railing

Aluminum has many capabilities when it comes to design options. However, its largest advantage over other materials is its affordability. Aluminum is a highly plentiful element and the cost reflects that. However, it is also extremely durable and lightweight, adding to its appeal.

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Whether you want elegant and intricate wrought iron or the more contemporary and cost-effective aluminum, Decor Railings has a metal railing to suit your needs, budget and style. To learn more about any of our metal railings, call us at 1.647.892.2297 to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly representative.