Glass Shower Doors

Glass Shower Doors

At Decor Railings, we know glass! We take the same care and exacting standards we put forth to build our tempered glass railings into our glass shower doors. Choose from a superior selection of shower glass doors featuring textures, patterns and frosted finishes to update and inspire the look of your bathroom.

Advantages of Shower Glass Doors Vs. Curtains

If you have vinyl curtains and you’re unsure if glass shower doors would be better, here are just a few of the reasons many of our customers prefer glass over curtains:

Open Space: While this is a good feature in any bathroom, a small bathroom is especially benefited by the fact that glass shower doors help to make a room feel more open and spacious.

Reduced Water Damage: Oftentimes, no matter how well you think you’re closing a shower curtain, there always seems to be a small gap where water gets out. This can lead to water damage on surrounding paint and woodwork and to more costly repairs. Shower glass doors eliminate this problem with their superior design which allows them to block out water much more effectively.

Environmentally Friendly: Not only is vinyl known to produce chemicals that can be harmful for humans, they don’t break down easily in the environment. This is a problem because you are likely to have to replace them many times due to their tendency to get dingy and covered in mold.

Aesthetic Appeal: While shower curtains might have more colorful options, glass shower doors are superior in creating an elegant and modern look because of their clean lines and naturally contemporary designs.

Ease of Use: If you’ve ever dealt with a shower curtain that is slightly too long or doesn’t quite fit your tub than you know how difficult this can be to deal with. Too long and you might find yourself tripping on it, too short and it seems like the water is getting everywhere. When you choose a glass door from Decor Railings, we ensure your door fits perfectly and you never have to deal with issues like this.

Easy Cleaning: Glass showers do need some cleaning but it’s far easier than trying to remove the gunk that can build up on a shower curtain. Oftentimes, a curtain will simply need to be replaced while glass needs a quick wipe.

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